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About - Reliable Steel & Plastic
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About Reliable Steel & Plastic Ind. Ltd.

Reliable Plastic was incorporated on April 28th, 1998. We have been committed to providing the best quality products to our customers since its inception. Apart from the outstanding service that is provided, consumers are sure to be completely satisfied with the end product. Reliable Plastic promises to use only quality material for your product. Everything is done in-house with the company and therefore is your one stop shop for product manufacturing.


The difference is our service! We stand behind our products and provide the best, most comprehensive ongoing customer service. We take the time to learn about your needs and work with you to provide the best fastening solutions for your specific application and welcome orders requiring our custom fabrication services.

Our Technology

Efficiency is maintained at the company with a well-equipped Quality Control lab and multiple power sources ensuring timely delivery. We are equipped with the state of the art machinery to produce our products to the international standards. Our plant is well equipped with the state of the art equipment.



To be the best brand of thermowares food flasks, coolers, dishes and other food wares; having our products everywhere people eat and drink in West Africa.


To increase stakeholder values by creating supreme products that celebrate our diverse peoples through fusion of culture, beauty and utility.


Our Core Values

CORE BELIEF: To Struggle is Human…
But to Succeed is Divine – Divine Success

R – Reliable

I   -Industrious

S -Successful

I   -Innovative

N -Nurturing

G – God fearing